Our well experienced team is among the most established providers of roadshows for corporate financing in the German speaking countries and beyond.

During the roadshow, which has been organized by the founders of Capital Lounge since 2004, small and medium sized companies of all sectors report their equity story to institutional- and high-net-worth individuals, analysts, journalists, as well as private equity and venture capital investors, taking advantage of the opportunity to expand their network with key decision makers, offering the opportunity to raise the working capital needed for the issuer’s expansion.

Along the way, our founders supported companies to raise more than 100 million Euro. Thereby, the focus is still on companies that are close to an IPO or listing.

Below you will find a selection of Financial Tombstones achieved for companies that already trusted our services:

Upcoming Roadshows

Date Place Issuer
10.05.2016 Frankfurt Westport Energie AG
11.05.2016 Munich Westport Energie AG
17.05.2016 Frankfurt not guilty Holding AG
18.05.2016 Munich not guilty Holding AG
24.05.2016 Frankfurt 4Service Cloud Tech AG
25.05.2016 Munich 4Service Cloud Tech AG
14.06.2016 Frankfurt Azorean Aquatic Technologies S.A.
29.06.2016 Hamburg not guilty Holding AG
05.07.2016 Frankfurt Biovolt AG
06.07.2016 Munich Biovolt AG
13.09.2016 Hamburg Eurona Wireless Telecommunications S.A.
14.09.2016 Frankfurt Eurona Wireless Telecommunications S.A.
15.09.2016 Munich Eurona Wireless Telecommunications S.A.
25.10.2016 Frankfurt VOUSSE Corp. S.A.
26.10.2016 Munich VOUSEE Corp. S.A.
15.11.2016 Hamburg HORISEN AG
16.11.2016 Frankfurt HORISEN AG
24.11.2016 Munich HORISEN AG
25.11.2016 Berlin HORISEN AG
30.11.2016 Frankfurt TecnoQuark Trust SA
01.12.2016 Munich TecnoQuark Trust SA

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